Call for Ladyfest art submissions!

We’re organizing a really great art show to be displayed in the Flywheel gallery during Ladyfest, based around the theme of “Portraits of Amazing Ladies”. Submissions are welcome from ANYONE, from ANYWHERE! Check out all of the information here, or contact Lei if you have any questions ( The deadline is April 2nd, so start thinking of awesome women who deserve to have portraits made in their honor!


4 responses to “Call for Ladyfest art submissions!

  1. Do you have any links or info about IMA? Thats where my band, The Fell, Joy Conz, Naia Kete, Horrible Appetite (and more) are from..Ani Defranco and Erin Mckeown also have close ties with. It’s run by June Millington of FANNY!
    and was and still is the best experience of my life..I’m sure June Millington would be siked to hear about this, if she hasn’t already.
    The Institute for the Musical Arts is wheres its at

  2. Hi Deja! We just added a link to IMA on the main page – we’re hoping that maybe they can set up a table or something at Ladyfest, too!

  3. aaah. I JUST found out about this because I’m going to be in town starting Saturday for a week house sitting my mom’s place in Easthampton. If you have space that you need filled I actually have a lot of ready to hang prints from a gender based portrait series I did of my youngest sisters (who are awesome little ladies) stored at her house (they’re on ). I can’t imagine you’d still have room or that it would be feasible to add something on Saturday, a day after the show starts, but thought I’d throw it out there.

    Either way I hope we get to catch some of the fest!

    • Hey Amanda!
      I just sent this to our friend Lei who is organizing the art show, so hopefully she can hit you up & let you know if it can work! I want to say it shouldn’t be too much of a problem…

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