Whoa! More bands announced!

Talk Normal + Ladyfest = ❤

We just added some more bands to the Schedule page that we’ve been holding in our pockets for a little bit – go check it out! Talk Normal from NYC , U.S. Girls from Mississippi, and Ledges, Blast from Montreal are all going to be playing Ladyfest Easthampton this year! We’ll be announcing the actual schedule for each show of Ladyfest in the next few days, so keep an eye on the Facebook page & of course, this page right here.


One response to “Whoa! More bands announced!

  1. YO, I just got your comment on my page, Trans Forms! FTM Binders, a local project for trans people that I’m working on starting up. I wanted to contact you both in response to your inquiry as to whether or not I would like to table, or give a workshop, and yes, I would, and also because I happen to make art! Possibly of awesome ladies! I tend to draw the folks that surround me, so I’m sure I would have a few things to contribute if you were interested.

    Also I totally agree that while Ladyfest is awesome because celebrating the ladies is awesome, and so is feminism, and women in general – that an event celebrating womanhood can still be all inclusive to all non-dominant genders, menS and womenS- even when those genders transgress and blur lines of men and women – and therefore trans still has a place among that community! I’ve been saying this ALL ALONG! Woohoo!

    So anyway. Can we collaborate? Yes, please.

    My fine art portfolio is online at http://www.castle-concepts.com and my Trans Forms! Project can be found again at http://www.ftmbinders.tumblr.com or twitter: @ftmbinders. We’re also on Facebook, so if you are too, give us a shout and we’ll friend you back and help promote the Ladyfest event to open minded folks.

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